Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chapter 1.2 Round and Round

When I was younger, this hearing other's thoughts shit was annoying, well more annoying than it is now. I couldn't control it. Thoughts came from every direction, an assault of emotions tearing away at my soul. I wanted it all to just go away. Too many people, I could never help them all. It sickened me. As I grew older, I taught myself how to drown it out, how to ignore the thoughts and feelings of those not in distress. Now, I walk the streets attempting to cleanse this world of filth and the kind of people who use these gifts for wrong. I'm no super hero or knight in shining armor. I try to do what's right by my standards, no one elses. If people don't like it, they can fuck off. I make mistakes like the next person. What sets me apart? Unlike the others, I fight, I contribute, I stand up for the weak, and I get persecuted for it.

It wasn't much of a walk when I started picking up feelings, the kind you can't ignore. Pain, embarrassment, shame, fear. Someone was in trouble and I had to do something. I could hear screaming coming from an alley two blocks up. They were quite loud and no one seemed to notice. I wonder if she started yelling that money was falling from the sky, if more people would come to her aid. With a deep breath, I charge towards the calls of distress, not knowing what to expect. Thoughts always race when I hear screams of the innocent. I see things, things no person should ever have to see. Lying there, surrounded by three line backer sized men, was a woman. She is half naked and beaten. I'm shocked and stunned. I can't move. The sight is horrifying. These men are taking there turns using her, abusing her, and sodomizing her every way they see fit. They throw her to the ground just as the middle one releases himself onto her. She sees me frozen, like a wax statue. Her emotions turn from fear to hope. PULL IT TOGETHER I tell myself as her emotions register inside my mind.

“HEY!!!!” I yell to the trio of disgusting rapist's.

They turn towards me, looking back with a cocky presence that would make Hercules look puny. The three of them look at each other, laugh, and shrug their shoulders. They continue to defile the poor woman. I love to be taken lightly. My hands start to glow ultra white as my sadistic electric smile grows. Oh, how I love to be taken lightly. The lights around me start to flicker as I concentrate the energy into one ball. My veins turn black in my wrists as my blood burns from the heat. Hurting like hell, but not even close to what she is going though. Hurk and his buddies are big, beefy, and slow. One shot should knock them out, I hope. Her screams grow louder and the light was blinding. Once more I yelled to them.


The three look back to see my glowing fists of rage and the egotistical group smile and ask for it. I shoot off one big burst towards the middle of the group followed by three smaller ones that sprayed out a bit. Just as they are about to hit, the smallest of the three, a red head little muscle bound punk just had to be a fielder he was good but not good enough. With the three of them covered in this guys force field there was no way I could defeat them I start firing off small bursts to distract them. I charge towards the group hoping the forcefield was not a very strong one. It isn't, but when I got through, I meet a very unforgiving fist. The largest of the trio has the ability to turn his body into stone. He nearly breaks my jaw with one punch. I've had enough playing these little games. I look into the eyes of their helpless victim. Fuel for the flame. My body begins to glow and my hair begins to burn. I let out a sadistic scream, releasing a beam of pure energy through my mouth. My fits are electric. I charge towards them. The beam cuts one straight in half. My blows begin to land, tearing away at flesh revealing bone. I destroy the fielder in a matter of moments. The stone hedge grabs me around my waste and prepares to chuck me into a near by brick wall. I grab his wrists and the heat begins to turn him to lava. Fist less the rapist is left in pain and agony he begs for pity he does not want to die. I think he should suffer for what he has done. I leave him alive with wrists cauterized from my grips of rage. I can barely bring myself to look at this poor woman. I have no idea what to say. Ask her if she is okay? Of course she's not okay. I was never very good at this kind of thing. I would rather just run away. She is shivering still half naked from the assault. I offer her my jacket. She is too jumpy and still very frightened.

“ You are safe now miss. He can't hurt you now. Come with me, I don't want to leave you alone while I call the police.”

She starts to get up, but does not have the strength. I have to carry her to a nearby deli. She is losing a lot of blood the ambulance are on the way, she gasps for air and begins to speak.

“Thank you, I thought I was going to die back there. You really are some kind of hero.”

“Hero. That's not me. I'm as sick and sadistic. as the next person you needed help. I do what I feel is right.”

The shop owner begins to bandage her up in the distance, sirens can be heard. Inside, I look for answers. My smile has never been bigger then when I think of this world in flames. Still, I help keep the wheels on the bus rolling.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chapter 1.1: Annoyed

Still alive were the only thoughts running though my head as the alarm clock grew louder. In this small apartment the sound bounced off the wall creating an annoyance that even the deafest could not ignore. After a few minutes of this annoying ring, a small light started to emit from the bed. Seconds later, another alarm clock met its fate. It has always been hard for me to get motivated in the morning knowing what I am waking up to. This world and all it takes for granite and my mundane dead end job. There wasn't much to smile about these days. Being one of the non-denialist had few perks in this world. It is easier to explain why I hate it so much then to tell you why I would ever love it. I am not the only one with a “gift.” Everyone is born with it. Some choose to forget about it and live normal, everyday lives. We call them Denialists. They have forgotten about their gift or choose not to use it. The non-denialists are freaks in their eyes.
What we do is not natural. I drift in and out of sleep for the next 20 minutes when my phone starts to ring.

“Hello?” I say, groggy and still out of it.
“WAKKKKKKKEEEE UPP!!!!” A female voice yells from the other end of the phone.
“Wow. Really, Kacey? Thats not necessary.” I explain to her as I rub my ear.
“Really now. It isn't?” She asks snickering
“No, I was up and about to get in the shower. I'll see you at work.” I told her as I hung up the phone.

I don't get mad at Kacey any more. Annoying as she is, she still is my only true friend. I roll out of bed, hitting the floor, not being able to find the energy to pull myself straight out of bed. The poor quality of water in this city gave me one more thing to look forward to in the morning. Washing the filth of last night off was a chore in self-restraint. The oil and salts make the water very conductive. My manipulation of electricity is always put to the test when I'm in the shower. The last thing I want to do is shock my nuts. As a result of this gift, I can move super fast for short periods of time, regenerate my health, and be able to sense emotions. The power to sense emotions pretty much sucks. People these days are pussies. No one has any balls. After my shower, I end up sprinting to work with moments to spare. I arrive to a packed mall.

As soon as I get to the back room, I am approached by little miss sunshine Kacey. Deep down, her smile makes me sick. There is nothing in this world that would make me cheese like this girl. I'm glad I don't have her optimistic outlook on life. She is just building her self up for a let down. I do have a confession to make. Outside of my home, I am a denailist. I lurk in the shadows like an almost normal person. There is only one person who knows my secret and she's coming this way.

“Aw good morning sunshine! You really need to be more excited to be here.” She says with he sickening grin.
“Uh, Kacey, you know I hate this place and the people in it.” I say as I try to muster a smile.
“whatever Mr. downer pants, you were almost late today.”
“Almost is the key word, so stop worrying about me.”
“Fine, I'm done worrying. Have a good day at work, Xander.”

She walks off in a fit of rage. I seem to have the ability to do this to her nearly everyday. Fuck it, I thought to myself as I make my way to Dean's Shoes. It's the happy little place I get to call home for eight hours today. Dean's is famous for their "BOGO" deals at the end of the month and their size match guarantee. Lucky for me, it was the start of June. Work has always been a haze for me. Nothing exciting about shoes. Don't get me wrong, the occasional fat ass trying to fit into 3 sizes too small to boost their ego is always priceless. My shift was about up and the store looked great. Everything clean, shoes arranged PERFECT. Working in the service industry, your begin to realize customers fit into types. For example, Ms.Pedigrew. Annoying and needy, my favorite. I had an hour and a half left in my shift and she turned out to be my last customer. This Fragile hag tried on damn near every shoe in the store, making a mess of my uniformity. Too blue, too tall, too shinny. Nothing was good enough for this woman. I'm on the brink of committing murder when she finally picks a pale white pair of shoes. I rush her out of the store. I lock up and being my prowl of the city. The city of South Gate is home to 250,000+ people and they all know how to get into trouble. Every night I walk for miles listening to thoughts and clues for crime and danger. I hate this world, but I can't sit and watch shit happen, so I paint on my pretty smile and pray for rain.